Foundation Ambassadors 2018-2020

District 1
District 12
District 23
Mary Ann Rubis
Mary Benoit
Margaret Lynch
District 2
District 13
District 24
Meta Murray Anne Kuhnell
Helen Grimson
District 3Mari Ramstein Vandal
District 25
Lisa Fraser KimbroughDistrict 14
Farida Lukmanjee
District 4Margot Fleck
District 26
Lori RobinsonDistrict 15
Kazu Enomoto
Kathy SmithBonnie McArthur
District 27
District 5
District 16
Isabelle Traest
Ellen Spaeth
Anne Walker
District 28
District 6
District 17
Renate von Koeller
Yvonne Chalfant
Primitiva Perez Sison
Zelinda Legge
District 7
District 18
Beate Normann
Polly Holten
Simone Bleu Laine
District 29
District 8
Region South America
Sigrun Christiansen
Tim Reynolds
Magdalena Aguilera Marin
District 30
District 9
District 20
Regine Bitter
Nickie Bonner Anna Lauttamus-Kauppila
Leonilda Cussotto
Barbara White Sirkka Sainio
Ivanka Mihajlova
District 10
District 21
Brigitte Niefer-Hoch
Kim Vann
Annika Bränström
Marie-Paule Perez
District 11
District 22
District 31
Dolores Osborne-Hensley
Lyn Agnew
Chen Ling Lien

District 32

 Eun-Ok Yoo


"I believe strongly that as a member of Zonta, it is my duty to support our programs and service projects. We are changing and improving the lives of women and young girls all over the globe."

-Lisa Fraser Kimbrough,
District 3 Foundation Ambassador


"Giving to the Zonta Foundation allows me to show my support of the international projects of Zonta."

-Faye Mellos,
District 9 Foundation Ambassador

"The Foundation gives us the opportunity to create a network by which women can develop and pursue advocacy projects with the aim to support education and training of new generations. Enhancing women’s lives means to enhance the life of the  whole community where they live."

-Emanuela Tanzi,
District 28 Foundation Ambassador for Area 3