Jordan Site Visit Day Three: Building resilience

31 July 2019

Jordan Site Visit Day Three: Building resilience

We all lived a very emotional moment today: a victim of domestic violence broke down in tears as she shared her experience with us. Almost everyone else cried with her. Today, she receives training and money at the Taibeh Community Center and finds consolation in the collaboration and interaction with her Jordanian and Syrian co-students. Along with her, a group of 31 women of the rural area of Karak take classes in maintenance and tailoring. Acquiring these skills in a supportive environment will strengthen their resilience and open their minds to new options they can take in their lives. The project that Zonta is funding will ultimately contribute to build an active civil society.

Photo (c) UN 
Women | Lauren Rooney 


Learn more about our Eid-bi-Eid project by clicking the link below.
Eid bi Eid (Hand in Hand): Support to the resilience and empowerment of Syrian refugee and vulnerable Jordanian women