Jordan Site Visit Day Two: "Nobody must interfere with my life anymore"

30 July 2019

Jordan Site Visit Day Two: "Nobody must interfere with my life anymore"
When she turned to an Islamic center for help, Fatimah, a Syrian refugee woman, was asked to wear a long coat. She suddenly realized that, after being on her own in the Jordanian host community, she wanted to manage her life independently. 

She found encouragement on her way at the center the Jordanian Women’s Union operates in Zarqa near Amman. The organization is one of the most prominent advocates for women’s rights in the Arab world. The center offers basic medical services, legal advice, education on topics the women choose themselves and psycho-social care for women and children. Initially the center’s kitchen served Fatimah, a single mother, as her kitchen, since she could not afford her own stove to prepare food for her four children. 

Today, she sees the center as her home and comes in every day as a volunteer to help other women, who are often victims of violence. 

“Nobody must interfere with my life anymore,” she proudly stated as she openly shared her story with us.

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